Bio: Dylan Klein, Owner and Author of Calories in Context

Dylan earned his BSc in nutritional sciences, dietetics from Rutgers University where he is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree in nutritional biochemistry and physiology. There he was the Head Nutritionist for the Rutgers Football Team (’12-’13 season) as well as the Assistant Nutritionist (’11-’12 Season). In addition to football at Rutgers, Dylan was the Head Nutritionist for the Rutgers’ Army ROTC program (’11-’13). Outside of his role as a nutritionist on campus, Dylan also works with the lay public, both in person and via e-mail/phone correspondence where he specializes in fat loss, muscle gain, and body re-composition. Any comments and/or questions about consulting or the information found on this site can be directed to his e-mail address: decline104@gmail.com

3 Responses to About

  1. Paul Nobles says:

    Hey Dylan, great blog. In your old blog you had an article up that suggested that HGH does not go away but it is simply delayed, like a pinball effect and you sited a study. Do you still have the old article and citations? Thanks

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